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Maybe our Mission Statement

Making the most of what you have?


Something about waking up Monday morning got my under my skin. In a good way. I was rolling over and checking my watch hoping to see 6:30 all night. As soon as I saw it, I was up - throwing on clothes, making coffee, putting on mascara, and leaving for the pumpkin patch. At 6:45 am, on Monday morning. Not something a lot of people do.

Quick shower and coming into work, I'm so excited to build a display- but how in the world am I going to move these tables by myself? Maybe I can catch dad on his way to coffee break - that worked out nicely and I had tables stacked by 11 am.

Now a waiting game, Our local greenhouse, amazing mother nature women Kristin, was going to be delivering straw bales in the afternoon to give this place the real pumpkin patch look. Maybe I'll draw up the prices on the a chalkboard. My heart is so happy just thinking about it. I got started arranging the pumpkins before she arrived, layering colors and depth. Luckily, we had some old apple baskets and sets of drawers in the back that I could use to stack. The cherry on top? The shimmery leaf garlands we have in store.

Once we got the hay bales hauled in and the floor swept, I could finally finish building the vision I had in my head. AHHHH. And then it hit me.

I had my hand on the "Buckskin" pumpkin and had this weird flashback to my childhood. One time, my mom had decided to pay for a pumpkin patch trip - and she let me get one of each decorative pumpkin.

I had a buckskin pumpkin that year. And she let make arrangements on the buffet in our dining room, using placemats and pumpkins and turned over crocks. I remember looking at that little display every day coming home and smiling - it made me so happy. I was so proud of my little pumpkin, and there is a good chance there is a picture of it somewhere. And then rearranging, and rearranging, every night after dinner till I got it exactly how I wanted. The feeling it created inside me is almost indescribable - like a proud feeling while knowing I was right where I belonged mixed with a happy and almost curiosity of what else I could create.

I think somehow I was meant to be here. I was meant to rearrange and display pumpkins - and that's not a normal thing. I think I was meant to live my life making the most of what I have, and helping others make the most of what they have. I remember decorating and redecorating my childhood home according to my moms budget, often thrift shopping, antiquing, or just finding a great way to arrange the things she had.

I think that's what home is. Home is a soft mix of memories, and meaningful objects, elements, and style - kind of like life. And I think that with life... you're supposed to make the most of what you have.

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