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Quarantine is challenging me.

Challenging me to get up and pee when I need to.

Challenging me to take a good, HARD look at what is in my cupboards.

Challenging me to choose gratitude.

Challenging me to slow my mind down and be present with what is.

When I can reach that state, the moments where my mind isn’t thinking faster than my hands can move - it feels good.

Like really looking at the flowers in the vase before I turn my head back to my computer screen.

Like giving my dog love and actually stopping to smell his fur and soaking it in.


I’m finding that grounding myself by moving my toes or touching my legs helps me. It helps me get out of my head and back into where I’m at.

It reminds me of the flashbacks that were on “That’s so Raven” - but not so dramatic.

Practicing this little subtle shift feels like flexing a muscle.

I’m very excited to have some conversations with women in the coming week about this kind of work. Calming anxiety. Being present and grounded and what it can do for your life. And tools are tricks to help you get there.

As a planner, I know planning is essential. But there gets to be a point where TOO much planning is just you trying to control the world. And that’s not going to happen.

PLUS, It’s not a very positive message to send to the universe. Or God. We’re not here to complain, but to thrive. And the more present and grateful I can be with what IS surrounding me, the better I am.

I’m a better, MUCH more patient wife. I am a kinder, gentler dog mom. I am a better granddaughter and friend!

I just like myself more when I’m not playing out the worse case scenario in my head. Do you feel that too?

My newest grounding ritual has been a cup of tea. Morning. Noon. and Night. And tonight’s tea is going to be enjoyed in the bath tub :)

Love and Light,



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