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The Experience = The BEST part of shopping with us!

Hey friends! So i've been doing a lot of thinking about whhhhhhhhy I love this place so much, and other places like it!

Why do I go out of my way to visit all the stores in any town I visit before I hit the big box stores on the outside of town? Why do I prefer to do my gift shopping in person instead of ordering online??

It's FUN!!! But that wasn't enough of a reason, so I eventually narrowed it down to the EXPERIENCE! The sites, the smells, the feel of things..... it's like an exciting adventure every time!

I hope when you walk in our door, you automatically feel the warm, cozy goodness oozing out of the walls. And the love of generations past smiling down from our original tin ceiling. And the strength of craftsmen of the olden days who pieced together our wood floors.

I hope you dream of shopping in a little store, tucked into the main street of a little town... that smells like candles, is warm like family gatherings, and offers the most unique, interesting goods to the community. I hope that when you shop with us you see our heart, and feel GREAT about supporting wild-eyed dreamers who fell in love with an old building on a brick street.

Most importantly, I hope you feel the joy that comes from my SOUL when you come visit! There is NO greater compliment that someone taking the time of out their busy schedule, in a world full of online shopping, to come enjoy an immersive shopping experience that I curated!

From the placement of the rugs on the floor, to the strategic placement of lamps, and the display pieces - not to mention that AWESOME items - it's all put together with LOVE! Love love love love love.

It sounds insane, but when anyone makes a purchase with us my heart opens for a minute. I feel so incredibly thankful for the support of wonderful people who appreciate a well curated collection and go out of their way to support small businesses!

When you shop local, it's SO much more than just buying a gift for yourself or a loved one; it's investing in a REAL community, supporting someones dream, and an act of thankfulness!

So as you all get ready to hit the stores for holiday shopping, I challenge you to shop at stores where you truly enjoy the experience! Shopping is an adventure to be HAD and walking down lifeless isles showcased by florescent lights is SO last year.

Treat yourself. And support crazy people. Look for the love. And visit those little shops that you can't wait to take your friends to and that you hope they NEVER leave that street! And if you really loved your experience with them, TELL YOUR PEOPLE. TAKE YOUR PEOPLE.

You, my friend, have the power to start changing the world around you through little choices and actions - and shopping small & local is one of the best, easiest choices you can begin to make this holiday season.

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