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Emotional Eating and the Quarantine

I made a joke about this last night and Dakota said that the “Quarentine 15” is a thing…

How are you doing with your emotional eating? Personally, I just want all the ice cream.

I’m not sure if my body was ACTUALLY craving things, but I know I felt like emotionally eating all weekend.

Friday night, I wanted to just eat spoon after spoon of peanut butter - but instead I grabbed the cucumbers. Saturday, I wanted to eat all of the mac and cheese that Dakota was having. I wanted to taste test the pasta salad I was making for him. I wanted to drink a beer with him!

Here’s where balance came in.

The me that would have GIVEN IN to these cravings would have done all the things. Then felt defeated.

The me that would have TIGHTLY HELD my new diet plan would have denied herself anything extra because it would have gave her the ultimate sense of control & accomplishment. She would have felt good “punishing” and “restricting” herself.

Instead, real life EMMA wanted to be her own best friend. She didn’t go off the deep end. She mixed some raw coconut flakes with some powdered peanut butter and enjoyed each little bite. She had 4 oz. of the bottle of wine that was already open in the fridge.

It feels good to be my own friend.

It feels good to be VERY aware of what I am craving so I can better understand WHY.


In the coming week, I’ll be having conversations with my accountability coach that I’d love to share with you! There are so many different diets out there and accountability programs - but the level of accountability here is making a BIG difference for me!


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