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Tuning into God today has me thinking lots of things.

Re-evaluating my life and the work he is doing in it right now. The things that are beyond me. And the things that are currently frustrating me and draining me of my energy.

I need a perspective shift to come into this week and TRULY make the most of it.

I don’t feel like I can afford to waste any of my precious time. And currently, I’m identifying “wasting my time” as doing things that really just frustrate me, annoy me, put stupid social pressure on me, or have anything to do with anyone else’s expectations.


That may sound selfish to say. But it’s true.

My husband doesn’t care if I cook for him as long as we talk about it. So WHY DO IT if it’s just going to annoy me and make me frustrated when he doesn’t even want to eat what I made? #everyyoungmarriedcouplever