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Tuning into God today has me thinking lots of things.

Re-evaluating my life and the work he is doing in it right now. The things that are beyond me. And the things that are currently frustrating me and draining me of my energy.

I need a perspective shift to come into this week and TRULY make the most of it.

I don’t feel like I can afford to waste any of my precious time. And currently, I’m identifying “wasting my time” as doing things that really just frustrate me, annoy me, put stupid social pressure on me, or have anything to do with anyone else’s expectations.


That may sound selfish to say. But it’s true.

My husband doesn’t care if I cook for him as long as we talk about it. So WHY DO IT if it’s just going to annoy me and make me frustrated when he doesn’t even want to eat what I made? #everyyoungmarriedcouplever

WHY should I waste my precious time STRIVING?? Am I not good enough like I am?

Not saying that I don’t have standards and goals for myself, but I’m free to evaluate my goals and walk towards what is truly speaking to my spirit instead of the TO-DO lists that just frustrate me… like applying for refunds for airline tickets.


This feels like taking a deep breathe.

This feels like giving myself permission to go where I am called, UNAPOLOGETICLY.

My whole life I’ve apologized. My whole life, I have found a way to make myself smaller in order to not make those around me feel uncomfortable.

My whole life - I have fixated on things around me. Things of this Earth. Controlling where things sit, how they look, and how they make me feel is a coping mechanism that really has helped me walk through a lot in my life.

Going to Possibilities and rearranging the ENTIRE store is therapy for me.

Tidying up things, especially old things, is therapy for me.

Knowing exactly where everything in my pantry is, yeah, it helps me function.

While I don’t think doing these things are BAD, I know that they are my comfort zone.

I need to get out of it.

If I were truly following God’s calling on my life, I would stop being scared to start my newest business idea. I would stop asking friends to let me do “test runs” with them. I would just start my own JOYWORK business! A.k.a A Tidying UP Company

People need me, just as I am..... help them Spark Joy (Is that trademarked?) in their space. To help them make it as effective and functional and beautiful with what they HAVE.

PEOPLE NEED TO LOVE THEIR SPACE!! We are living in the most abundant country, in the most wonderful time, and we should be nothing less that CRAZY grateful for the blessings of abundance in our homes…. This abundance shouldn’t stress us out.

On the back side of helping people change their physical environment, is the space this clearing creates for self-reflection.

Have you ever sat and really tried to think about what brings you joy?

Have you ever been in space that just invites you to think about what is TRULY important?

Have you, like, ever been a better person because there wasn’t a mountain of laundry on the floor of your closet? Or because everything in your medicine cabinet actually fit and didn’t fall out everytime you tried to reach for something?

…. Doing this work helps us make room to grow.


Having this type of mental clarity in my home now has me asking bigger questions about my life. It gives me the freedom and space to pursue crazy dreams. It gives me courage to show up as my authentic self and KNOW that I am good enough.

I want my space to remind me who NEXT level Emma is, Not who comfort zone Emma is.


Along with getting out of my comfort zone and releasing those expectations I feel others hold (even though they may not) - I’m allowed to shift and change in the work I am doing from my home.

I had a BIG realization this weekend about platforms. And who uses each platform.

You know….Who REALLY reads the newspaper? Who REALLY gets on snapchat? Who REALLY spends time on Facebook?

And I realized, I’ve been working in a space that I feel safe in. A space that has been my course of study for years.

With that, I realized that the people who probably need to hear from someone like me MOST - They are probably NOT on any of the platforms that I am comfortable on!

And ONLY saying things I feel comfortable saying?

What if I was able to break out of my “socially acceptable” shell and really talk to some young women about things that REALLY matter?

And to do it BOLDLY. With COURAGE.

And like, ALL of the freaking gifts that God gave me!

What if my focus for this week is:

letting go of what EMMA “needs” to do, and letting God lead me to what HE needs me to do?



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