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Pretending We're in Peru

Waiting in line at the airport in KC, just kidding.

Sitting on my bed eating peanut butter balls and grapes. Trying to eat 5000 calories today is a challenge! But the birds are chirping out the window and I’m feeling refreshed.

1 hr. of having my hands covered in paint, my Jesus music cranked up, and 0 disruptions from the outside world does a girl good. Baby dresser/changing table in progress <3

Reflecting on Peru and my expectations and what’s up with all this.


Not having to worry or plan, to go with the flow and have room to grow, meeting myself in new places, making new connections, learning more about myself, and enjoying my journey.

Now, how does that translate to WHERE I am?

And WHO I am with?

(I am with no one. I am home. Quarantine.)

Well, let’s start with HOW.


Live video chats & feeds! Planning/Scheduling all of the times to connect.



Every other day at least.

Expectations for myself

Create intentional time to relax and disconnect. Create margin space around that time.

Move in my own natural flow of creativity.

Not allowing myself to judge myself, what I AM is GOOD ENOUGH.

Topics of interest


Friends that love food that is good & simple & clean. Foods that heal.


Friends that play music & sing & doing daring things.


Friends that do yoga & lead meditations & talk about the chakras.

Cool Sites to See

Me + Cam + Blu adventuring all over this beautiful place called Jewell County!


Local products, Systems that don’t strain our country's resources & help the local economy thrive.


Growing our own grocery store with what we have and how to best use our space.


Respectfully Recycling. German style. Businesses based on recycled products.


Marie Kondo put my favorite past-time into words, gave it a name, and made a TV show out of it.

Home Design

Making your space work & inspire you without breaking the bank. Lighting for working from home.

Life Design

Friends that professionally help others learn their blue-print and work with it.


What does that mean to you?


Sympathy vs. Empathy.


This is some really hard stuff.


You might not experience this as much as some people, but some of you will FEEL this.


God looks different to different people, but there are some universal truths that unite us all.

Redesigning Women.

“Running the world while we’re cleaning up the kitchen.” Working from home. Work/life balance.

And this is just the beginning! We'll have AT LEAST 1 conversation or video to share on each of the topics above, if not more!

Now what you can expect from me:

Vulnerability. Cuss words. Connection. Imperfection. Awkwardness. Honesty. It’s like you’re joining me on the vacation of a lifetime! And you can ask my friends how much I talk on car trips.

Is this free? Do we pay?

Some of our instructors and courses will require a participation fee. All fees will be disclosed at the beginning of each workshop.

How do we find out about each workshop?

Stay tuned to the Facebook event and submit your email address. You will be in the loop!

My overall intention: Be a light in the world.

“This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. This little light of mine, I”M GONNA LET IT SHINE! Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine.”


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