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Messy = Magic

The process is messy.

Whenever my husband comes home over lunch hour and I'm in the middle of a project.... I secretly feel like I'm being judged.

The PROCESS is MESSY people! Painting a piece of furniture is MESSY! You will get paint on your hands and probably on the floor and probably on your hoodie.

Figuring out the organization on the new recycling system is MESSY! (He was not so thrilled to come home in the middle of that) ... Making a meal, Messy. Tidying up, Messy.


My whole life is messy!

We are in PROCESS.

With a porch that is under construction, a yard full of limbs from the trees that have been cut down, and the laundry machines that died.... Just drive by my house. We are a little messy right now. We are in process. It's VERY visible.

This messy place, is a place of growth.

The hours of work that lie ahead of us will be a place that we can GROW!

I've been working through "Crushing" by T.D. Jakes in our book club - and it's TOO relate-able right now.

He talks about how we're seeds, and God put everything in us that we need. But then he plants us in the dirt.

And it's like the DEFINITION of messy. But with him in our process, our seeds turn into tulips, a trees, and tomatoes, and all of the best fruits & vegetables!

Learning to embrace this messy space, this spot God has put me (or all of us) in, takes some patience.

And the eyes of faith to see how beautiful the results of our work will be.

I've been working on a particularly personal project - painting the baby dresser. I had bought the paint and planned on doing it sometime before June.... and so it is being done. But just for me.

Working on this project in particular spoke to me this morning.

Spending time in my "messy place" with hardware and drawers and paint all scattered around me - I can tell that God is working on my heart. Filling me up with more love, taking out the hurt, expanding my heart.

Inviting him to meet me in my messy place IS love.

There's no judgement.

What messy places are you in? Are they PHYSICALLY messy? EMOTIONALLY messy? Is it an emotion mess that is reflecting itself into the physical world?

Where ever your messy places are, I invite you to enter them without judging yourself.

Dear God, I want to meet you in my mess. Join me and let's talk about...



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