Our Story

We don't just love good design, we love our community, and we love to bring the best to it.

Founded by a group of people willing to sacrifice for the sake of the community, Jewell County Justified LLC (JCJ LLC) formed and open the doors of 3 businesses on November 1, 2012.

With a heart for creating community,  the team at Possibilities brings a high quality, unique shopping experience to the small town of Mankato, KS - and now offers floral services!

The historical "variety store" building is now full of a unique collection of home decor, gifts, kitchen supplies, toys, accessories, and more. And the flower shop next door also serves as a small scale event space.

Come see us for a special event or shop during the week from 10:00-5:30 and on Saturdays from !0:00-3:00. 


Possibilities  |  121 N. Commercial St.  Mankato, KS 66956  |  785.378.8484 | Mon - Fri 10-5:30 | Sat 10-3