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Small Business Saturday is coming up!

Small Business Saturday

With Small Business Saturday right around the corner, we can’t help but think about how much we LOVE sweet little businesses. And how important each and every business is in creating our community - we wouldn’t be the same without them!

Small businesses not only keep our town alive and thriving, they provide jobs to make our community a viable place to live AND we donate to a ton of local events & organizations! For us, keeping an age old building alive & beautiful brings so much joy, and we’re SO proud of our downtown! Every little improvement means so much and we hope you notice all that our hardworking business owners are doing!

One of the biggest blessings about our store is the variety of people we get to serve. From the vacationers passing through in the summertime, to our favorite coffee drinkers, to the guys coming in to find flowers for their sweetie - talking to all kinds of people in our community is the BEST part of the job!

So HOW can YOU show love for all the great little businesses that make your town a place worth calling home? That donate to your kids sports activities? That are there for you when 2 day delivery just isn’t going to cut it?


Shop with us! It feels GOOD to spend money with your friends and neighbors. It feels GOOD to invest in your town! It feels good to know that YOUR hard earned dollars are being invested in the future of your town through the commercial taxes, etc. that our local businesses pay!


Share us! In the modern world, it can be hard to feel like just shopping with us is enough. So SHARE how much you love our little businesses! Let people know! Post your finds, share our pages, etc. on Facebook! Word of mouth is one of the greatest forms of advertisements for us and it costs you ZERO pennies!


Just say thanks. Ya’ll….. I’m not sure the average person understands the hours and hours and cups of coffee and energy that go into small businesses. It’s not a 9-5. It’s not the shiny, instaperfect photos that you see. For us, it’s a squad of amazing folks that aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, to dream up 100 new ideas a week, to get up early, or to go to bed late. And sometimes friends, all that hard work feels overlooked.

P.S. Can we start a club of small business peeps that are equally as crazy as we are??


Either way and any way, we are SUPER excited for Small Business Saturday and all that it means to us!! You had better be marking that calendar for November 30th like we are, and you had BETTER get ready to feel GOOD about who/what you are supporting/investing in this holiday season because life is TOO short to not be INTENTIONAL with your $$!

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